Retiring the old girl…

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The last two upgrades and she’s done. Haven’t done any upgrades since 2015 after we bought the camper, and the last bus voyage was March 2016. A thankfully uneventful 4hr trip to Louisianan and back. She still starts and runs but has become too stressful and expensive to trust taking on a long trip. When you only get 6MPG and diesel is 40cents more per gallon, you really need to be going on a long trip to make it worth your while. We’ve since purchased a F250 and a upgraded from our 19′ hybrid camper to a 35′ Pioneer with slideouts and a bunkhouse for my 2 ever-growing boys.

The bus will soon be moved to my land to be used as a guesthouse/second living area while we live in the RV getting our house built. That’s the plan anyway.

It’s kind of sad really. There were months on end that I spent working on this bus, seems like a long time ago but it really hasn’t been. I was pretty happy when I started it last week, and moved it around a bit, and everything seemed to be in working order.  I’ll keep this blog online for people to see the projects and get ideas from it, like I used the one’s I found as inspiration along the way. Although, all the Tiny House TV shows have the best inspiration these days.





Some finishing touches

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That aren’t actually finished…

Finally added the matching laminate to the sink cover, and decided to make one for the stove while I was at it. Maybe someday I’ll bother finishing out the edges. Edges suck!

Then there’s the overhead cabinet. Still needs finish work and the radio installed before it’ll be much of a “cabinet”, but this goes a long way toward making this thing look less like a bus and more like a RV.

Generator exhaust

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Anything to quiet this beast. Local muffler shop made me some pipe and TSC had the tractor muffler pretty cheap.


Air suspention “issues”

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We started with a small leak in the bag. So like any genius, rather than replace the bag, I adjusted the leveling valve to compensate.


That led to me installing a new bag. That led to discovering a cracked upper plate, so I tried epoxy on the cracks.


This problem resulted in a blowout where we found out our spare was also flat, $1200 in used tires and roadside assistance, a monster delay in our return vacation trip and 16hr straight drive from Michigan to Arkansas to make up the difference, and eventually me parking the bus for almost 2 years. I was just tired of all the trouble and didn’t have the time to bother anymore. Which then led to buying a camper :-/  Recently I found a replacement plate, installed 2 new leveling valves, and it’s like new money.

Redneck fridge lock

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So after years with this dorm fridge I picked up at Home Depot I found it necessary to install a lock. Snaps I bought at the fabric store and a small piece of nylon works pretty great. No more 1/2 gallons of milk in the door causing it to swing open on a hard turn 🙂


Homemade tire covers.

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Since the bus does a lot of sitting around in the sun, I put these together out of old scrap banner material. Not something I’d put on at a campsite, just for storage.


Ahhhh, the bathroom.

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Still to this day, not done, but fully functional.


demo begins

This was a unbelievable undertaking…